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Did you attend an event in MALTA that used the Cashless Payments by Tixify, and you want to request a refund for your unused credit? You are in the right place!

T&Cs of Barcoin Refunds

Barcode is offering the possibility for you to claim a refund of unredeemed digital tokens of over €1 purchased in relation to the events listed below:

 Food Festival Gozo (Pjazza, Xewkija): 9th – 10th August 2022
 Farsons Beer Festival (Ta Qali, National Park): 28th July – 6th August 2022
 Isle of MTV (Fossos, Floriana): 19th July 2022
 Food Festival (Pjazza Tritoni, Valletta): 13th – 17th July 2022
 Wine Festival (Argotti Gardens, Floriana): 23 rd – 26 th June 2022

Hereinafter referred as the “Points of Sale”.

We would like to clarify that Barcode operated within the full remits of the law, installed clear signage of our terms of service and even uploaded instruction videos to our website for maximum consumer clarity.

This refund is being offered as a gesture of goodwill.

A claim for barcoin refunds is subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. The holder of a card or wristband purchased at one of the Points of Sale, who still has unredeemed digital barcoins of over the amount of one euro (€1), is eligible to apply for a refund;

2. This portal will calculate the value of your remaining barcoins and convert them back to EUR at the same rate they were purchased, that is €1 = 1 barcoin;

3. The only means for making a claim for a refund is through this digital portal only. The participant will bear his/her own internet costs for accessing the digital portal;

4. The participant will bear a processing and bank fee of €1 that will apply for every refund request which will be deducted from the applicable refund;

5. Credits with less than one (1) Barcoin are not eligible for a refund;

6. In order to participate in this refund, you must submit a claim through the digital portal between Saturday the 13th August 2022 at 00:00hrs until Friday the 19th of August 2022 at 23:00hrs;

7. The participants shall access the digital portal, fill out the form available on the digital portal, enter their personal data as well as the number of a bank account held with an EU bank with a valid IBAN number which will be credited with the refund. The bank account must be registered in the name of the Participant. Please be aware that once the IBAN code is submitted, it cannot be modified neither by the Participant nor upon his/her request.

8. A separate request for refund of digital barcoins purchased must be made for every event attended.

9. In the event of a valid request, the participant will receive the refund of the credit less the fee mentioned above by crediting the bank account indicated by the participant, by Thursday 1 st September 2022;

10. No claims for refunds will be accepted without a card or a wristband purchased at the Points of Sale;

11. Any balance of barcoins that you may have received for free or vouchers are not eligible for a refund;

12. The Participant shall ensure that the information is correct and valid; otherwise, it will not be possible to participate and obtain a refund;

13. Any attempt of improper use or of external forcing of the digital portal might amount to a criminal offence. Participants who, in the unquestionable judgement of Barcode, may be entitled to a refund by means or instruments judged to be suspicious or fraudulent, or in breach of these terms, will not be able to receive a refund. Barcode reserve the right to proceed, within the terms deemed most appropriate, and in compliance with the laws in force, to limit and inhibit any initiative to circumvent the system devised.

14. Barcode shall not be liable for any event not due to their behaviour, by way of example and without limitation thereto: the access, the impossibility, the unavailability or difficulties related to technical instruments, the pc, the cables, the IT, the software and the hardware,the transmission and the connection, the phone line which might impede the participation of the Participant for the refund.

15. The Participants, taking part in this refund, acknowledge that their personal data will be processed for the purposes of the operation of this refund pursuant to the relevant applicable domestic and European law.

16. The participation to the refund implies the express and unconditional acceptance of each and all rules and clauses of these T&Cs without any limitation.

N.B. Please note that this Initiative cannot be combined with other initiatives.

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