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That perfect feeling when all the reports match the cash is something i had not experienced in +20 years of organizing events. Congratulations to the Tixify team on a job well done.

Tixify delivered a flawless cashless event for 5,000 people in a rural area with zero internet connectivity. I am beyond impressed with how smooth the offline payments worked. Cheers!

Attendee satisfaction is my biggest KPI. Tixify refunds process worked like a charm and allowed to us to connect with the attendees one more time. The post-event feedback was very positive.

It was really interesting working with the team during the project. They were all patient and helpful in answering all my rfid questions and made me feel at ease.
The implementation ended up being way better than I had ever expected!

I will admit i was a difficult client because my event is my baby. Tixify made sure to understand exactly what i wanted to achieve and executed it to perfection.

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