How Does RFID Work?

RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification Devices, are small wearable chips stored on lanyards or wristbands. Each device has an inbuilt radio transmitter and receiver, and pairs with a reader by sending encrypted signals. By gathering information unique to the device wearer, you have the power to securely track, identify and transfer data insights to enhance the event.

So, what edge does Tixify hold over its competitors?

Tixify uses a truly offline system, rather than a wireless offline system. The crucial disparity between these systems could make all the difference to the success of your event.
Many RFID industry heavy-weights lay claim that their technology operates on an offline basis. While this is technically true, there are significant downsides to choosing a wireless offline system solution.

How useful is a wireless offline system? Not very.

Wireless offline systems operate using large on-site servers, which are hooked up to all point-of-sale top up and payment devices. Transactions are processed on the server, rather than the devices. They only work offline when connected to WiFi, so if this is lost due to connectivity issues, so is the ability to process sales and top ups. Not ideal.

Tixify offers a truly offline system.

Each transaction is securely processed by Tixify’s Android point-of-sale devices, which store a local copy of the database. This information is then synchronised to a cloud server when possible. The data is also stored on the wristband, so when one wristband touches multiple devices, the data is backed up across all units.
What does this mean for you? In the event of WiFi saturation or a power-cut, your thirsty event-goers get their Pale Ales, and your profits aren’t stinted by unforeseen downtime. The party goes on.
Tixify’s RFID ticketing can even cut out the need to arrange active internet or costly WiFi solutions in the first place. WiFi can be an expensive pursuit, particularly in remote locations, with costs easily reaching the $20,000 mark.

What’s the best solution for your event?

Tixify offers cashless technology to streamline your event, with no risk of losing connectivity due to WiFi downtime. In fact, Tixify has never caused any disruption to food, drinks or merchandise vendors.
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Tixify RFID Event Solutions

Tixify RFID Event Solutions

Tixify is the Ultimate RFID Solution for events. 100% Offline Cashless Payments, Access Control & Experiential Brand Activations for festivals, concerts, exhibitions and more.