Advanced RFID Access Control

Say goodbye to endless lines, eliminate ticket fraud and lighten the mood at the gates. The Tixify RFID Event Platform puts you back on control of your admissions,  and gives you streamlined entries and real-time feedback on entries and capacity.

It’s Secure

Our RFID Tags are impossible to duplicate

It’s Powerful

Setup complex entry flows with ease

It’s Faster

Instant scanning reduces your lines dramatically

It’s Awesome

Give your attendees more time to spend IN the event

RFID Access Control keeps your event and your attendees safe.

Eliminate ticket fraud and reduce scalping

The Tixify Platform automatically detects and blocks duplicated entry attempts.

Manage unruly attendees

Enable security staff to manage unwanted people and restrict the sale of certain products to identified attendees.

Prevent overcrowding

Real-time access information directly on your smartphone allows you take timely decisions .

RFID Tags securely store attendee information.

Reunite lost children with parents, or identify attendees in case of an emergency. The data is encrypted and safe.

RFID Access Control 1

Event accreditation

Make sure Staff and Artists always have access to the areas or equipment they need by setting specific access rules for different groups.

Turn your accreditation wristbands and badges into intelligent RFID devices, load them with different permissions, credit for staff meals and more, while allowing them to topup their own credit to use on other areas.

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RFID Access Control 2

Tixify makes it easy to plan your Access Control strategy without compromises.

Integrate with any ticketing platform

Upload your tickets in a few clicks via CSV Import, or synchronize in real-time using the API or our Zapier Integration

Attended gates, Self-scan portals or both?

Deploy Access Control portals for ultra-fast entries or opt for the convenience of our handheld portable devices. All the Tixify devices are plug-and-play and extremely easy to operate.

Keep an eye on everything, remotely. 

Track admissions, customer spending and capacity in realtime, allowing you to take responsive informed decisions.

The most powerful

Access Control engine

in the industry.

Your event is unique and there is no one-size-fit-all configuration when it comes to RFID Access Control.

Tixify offers a powerful interface to create complex sets of rules and triggers for every ticket type, that allows you to set separate areas without the hassle of multiple colors of wristbands or badges.

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Tickets & Ticket Types
  • Import CSV, Add manually or Synchronize in real-time using the API or our Zapier Integration
  • Create unlimited ticket types with different triggers
  • Issue automatic alcohol ban to certain ticket types
  • Require certain ticket types to be claimed Online on the Event Portal
  • Prevent certain tickets types to be fulfilled on the wrong RFID media
Access Control Zones
  • Create multiple Access Control Zones with separate rules for every ticket type
  • Accept and decline specific ticket types on every zone
  • Check-in, Check-out, Toggle, Passthrough and Counter actions allow you to setup  complex access flows for every need.
Device Functions
  • Swap barcodes to wristbands/cards in less than 5 seconds.
  • Void tickets directly on the device
  • Swap Access Control Zones in 2 taps.
  • and many more…

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