Tixify Cashless Payments System

Why use a Cashless Payments System

Reduce your on-site cash handling, eliminate fraud and errors and gain valuable insights of your event.  Get upfront cashflow by allowing pre-event topups, and reduce costs by deploying unattended Topup Stations.

Run 100% Offline - No Connectivity Required.

Increase On-Site Spending and Overall Revenue

Reduce Infrastructure and Staffing Costs

Eliminate Financial Fraud and Errors

Significantly Reduce Queuing Times

Unlock powerful new data

Fans spend up to 25% more when using RFID Cashless Payments.

Our Cashless Payments System can drive revenue in many other ways:

Sponsored Brand Activations

Create branded experiences that reward attendees with specialized promotional credit with complex rules to be used on specific vendors or for specific products

Activation/Topup/Refund Fees

Recover the cost of going cashless by setting up fees that are automatically charged from the attendee credit on topups or refunds.

Exposure Opportunity

Offer potential sponsors the vehicle to promote their brand on
wristbands, top-up stations and attach themselves to the RFID payments experience.

Why go cashless with Tixify?

Everyday more organizers are choosing Tixify over other solutions in the market. Here is why...

Secure and Reliable

Multiple layers of redundancy and security make Tixify the most reliable and robust RFID event solution around.

Reduce infrastructure and staffing costs

Replace your traditional infrastructure with self-contained, mobile RFID devices and deploy industry-leading unattended Self-Serve Topup Stations

Run 100% Offline — No online connectivity required

Tixify runs seamlessly offline leveraging wireless mesh networking technology
Read our Security Guide.

The Tixify Self-Serve Kiosk

Our industry-leading, unattended self-serve kiosks bring scalable topup stations and secure payments for your attendees.
  • Self-checkout means no missing money or human errors.
  • Attendees manage their own top-ups on-site without the need for an operator.
  • Deploy more self-serve terminals throughout the venue, without the cost that comes with hiring additional topup staff.
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Tixify Self-Serve Kiosk

The attendee journey



Allow your attendees to buy credit before the event when they buy tickets or at any time before the event on our branded Event Portal. Get valuable cashflow upfront and all without having to mail-out wristbands.

Ticket Swap

The attendees swap their ticket for a wristband loaded with any tickets, credits, or merchandise they purchased on your site. This process takes less than 5 seconds.

On-Site Topups

Continue to capture Topups during the event via staffed Topup Stations, Self-Serve Kiosks, or through the mobile-first Event Portal. The Portal even allows the attendee to set auto-topup amounts every time their credit is running low!

Fast Sales

Our simple but powerful Point-Of-Sale allows vendors to sell FAST and the customers are out of the lines faster. No lines at the vendors means you sell a lot more.

Online + On-Site Refunds

The attendee submit a refund request via the Event Portal (or at the Top-up Stations if you process on-site refunds) Set minimum refund rules or refund fees to cover your refund-handling costs. Our smart refund system will take into consideration any fees you stablished before processing the refund.

Get real-time actionable data

Sit back, relax and see your sales pour in in real-time, allowing you time to define last-minute promotions or supplies runs when an item is running out.

Pop a cold one because your life just got a whole lot easier by using Tixify.

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Cashless Payments System for Events 1

Watch Tixify in Action

Ultra fast topups

Reduce by at least 50% the time of every transaction when attendees are no longer fumbling for cash on the line

Focus on Selling

When your vendors don’t need to worry about cash, they can focus on better service and selling more.

Explore new opportunities!

Mobile self-contained devices give you the chance to bring products and topups anywhere in your venue, without exposure.

Ready to take your events to the next level?

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