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that is more than just payments.

We have done the heavy-lifting so that you can execute the event that you have in mind no matter how complex.

Deploy flawless cashless events, secure your tickets, and attract sponsorship.

What is RFID?

RFID stands for “Radio Frequency Identification”; It’s a clever technology where digital data encoded in RFID tags is captured and identified by a reader via radio waves.

RFID for events is similar to barcoding in that the data is read by a device, however unlike barcoding, the RFID Scanner is able to write data back to the RFID tag, manipulate it and interact with it.

Another advantage of using RFID event technology is that the RFID Scanners are able to read RFID tags outside the “line-of-sight”, while barcode scanners must be aligned with an optical sensor (camera or laser), making it impossible to work with when the lightning is not “just perfect”.

What are RFID Tags?

RFID Tags are essentially a circuit which stores the tag’s data, and an antenna for transmitting and receiving signals.  RFID tags dont have a battery, instead they receive energy from the radio waves generated by the scanner.

RFID Tags can take any form factor, like RFID wristbands, badges, cards,  keychains, etc.

The data stored in the Tixify RFID tags is encrypted making it more secure than barcodes, and can be used to track individual attendees, tickets, balances and other interactions, something that is not possible with barcodes.

How can you benefit from

Our Cashless Solution for Festivals

Sync your tickets with the Tixify Platform using our powerful API or our Integromat integration.

Whether you mail them out in advance or they pick them up at the event, the attendees will receive an RFID wristband with all their tickets, credit and personal data loaded up in it; You can track individual attendees journey through the venue and even recover credit for them in the event of a stolen wristband.

Our RFID event technology allow your attendees to create an account in the Online Portal where they can topup credit before and during the event, review their transaction history, claim additional tickets, merchandise and credit vouchers sold at your website or other points of sale.  They can even mark block their wristband in case they lose it, and request refunds for unused credit after the event.

Issue RFID Badges to your staff and use it to allow them access to restricted areas and equipment, Use different balance types to give staff credit to be used in the staff canteen or to give non-refundable credit to your VIPs.

Once an attendee has collected a wristband, they will head to the RFID Access-Control points, where you can validate tickets in a fraction of a second and move your lines FAST, and if they pre-purchased any credit, their credit will be all loaded up in their wristband, so they can skip any more queues and head straight to the bar.

Vendors love Tixify. Our RFID Cashless Payments technology allows you to sell faster than ever and your operators can focus on serving rather than counting money.

Implement our RFID Experiential Brand Activations and gamify your event; Reward your attendees when they scan their RFID wristband at specific scanners, setup instant win stations, sweepstakes, photo booths, etc.

Let your vendors sponsor scanning points, and reward them with valuable insights and attendee info.

The Tixify RFID Devices are capable of performing any functionality of the platform, so you need fewer devices to rent and less training for your employees.

Reduce logistic nightmares and allow your attendees to enjoy your event to the last minute, and dont worry about keeping large amounts of cash on-site to issue refunds for unused credit.

The Tixify Online Portal eliminates this risk by allowing attendees to request a refund after the event has ended. They can also download and print a history of their transactions.

Settlements to vendors have never been easier, one-click reports give you all the information you need to pay your vendors confidently.

Use our Analytics to find out where you excelled and where you could improve and use this new knowledge to negotiate more deals with vendors, venues, and sponsors.

Work 100% Offline
Secure your event
Increase your sales
Leverage analytics
Engage attendees
Modular & Customizable

Join hundreds of organizers around the world who have made the switch to Tixify RFID cashless payments, access control, and experiential platform.

Tixify Cashless Solution For Festivals

Cashless Events are here to stay. Are you ready?

RFID Cashless Payments

RFID Access Control

RFID Brand Activations

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