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Tixify RFID Hardware


Tixify is your one-stop shop for all things RFID. We’ll make sure you have everything you need on the big day: readers, tablets, wristbands, accessories & peripherals, and much more, so you can focus on your event.

Tixify Portable Handhelds

Tixify Handhelds are powerful, water and shock proof with HUGE batteries that will perform in every situation no matter how extreme.

Available on 3 models:

  • Original – Economic and durable
  • Pro – Bigger screen, Lighter weight
  • Flexi – interchangeable battery

All the Tixify Handhelds are capable of performing all the platform functionality. 

Use Cases:
  • Busy bars, Vendors and Topups
  • Additional access control lanes
  • Roaming Topups/Sales

Tixify Rugged Tablet

The Rugged Tablet is the heavy-weight in the line of Tixify Devices.  It boasts a 7.0″ screen, 2 cameras and a 2D+QR code laser reader and a USB-mini data port that can host an external NFC reader. Ideal for using on a stand.

Capable of performing all the functionality of the platform. 

Use Cases:
  • Ticket-Swap/Wristband Fullfilment
  • Voucher/Merchandise Redemption
  • Unattended Balance-Check Station
RFID Hardware & RFID Media 1

Tixify Self-Serve Kiosk

The industry-leading self-serve kiosk is a one of a kind device.  Consisting of a 10.1″  touch-enabled screen, a powerful USB NFC Forum certified 13.56 Mhz reader, Front Camera and a range of credit card terminals.

The Self-Serve Kiosk can be delivered branded, unbranded or unassembled for the Organizer to arrange and brand as required.

Use Cases:
  • Unattended Topup stations or balance-check stations.
  • Self-Scan Access Portals at the gates.
  • Self-Serve Voucher redeeming station
Tixify Self-Serve Kiosk
Intuitive Interface allows the attendees to manage their own topups.
The Powerful Reader to reduce the risk of RFID Tag malfunction.
Credit Card Terminal allows for scalable secure payments.

RFID Media

Tixify can provide you with RFID Tags embedded in a wide variety of formats, shapes and materials ranging from PVC, textile and even environmentally-friendly options. Order with the confidence of knowing your order will be delivered in-time and ready to use with the Tixify Platform.

Our clients have ordered:
  • Textile Saten Wristband with one-use lock and sublimation print.
  • Textile Stretch Reusable Wristband
  • Wristbands with Bamboo RFID chips and bamboo locks
  • PVC Cards and Badges
  • Bamboo Cards and Badges
  • Plastic reusable “watch-style” wristbands
  • And many more…

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