RFID Live Brand Activations

Experiential Marketing

Close the gap between your attendees, vendors, sponsors and the event by enhancing the on-site experience and providing sponsors with creative ways to increase their reach.

Take engagement to the next level!

Connect your attendees’ RFID wristbands to their social media profiles to build stronger relationships between fans, sponsors and brands with hands-free social activations.

Here is how it works:



You will implement new and creative ways for your attendees to interact with brands and vendors during the event, make it interesting and fun for them to connect with the brand.


Enable attendees to register and connect their wristband to their social media accounts, this is all done via our Online Event Portal.


Rich content is created and is made available to the attendees that interacted with the brand in the context you created.


Incentivize and make it easy for the attendees to share the content across all their social media.


Collect, analyze and share valuable attendee information & trends with your brands and sponsors.


Boost your sponsors ROI & exposure and strengthen your relationship with them for years to come.

Tixify works with all event types and is proven to make events smoother, more memorable, and more profitable.

Grow relationship with fans

Build meaningful connections with attendees through social media. Do more for your attendees by taking their event experience above and beyond.

Increase sponsor's satisfaction

Give your sponsors amazing value-for-money and allow them to connect with attendees in exciting new ways.

Develop valuable data

Combine social and event data for deeper understanding of your event and your attendees.

Transform fans into fanatics

Ready to take your events to the next level?

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