Tixify RFID Event Technology

Whitelabel Cashless Solution for Festivals

Whitelabel RFID Cashless Payments & Access Control Platform for selected venues, ticketing platforms and Organizers who need branded solution for their high-demand business.

Leverage Tixify ground-breaking RFID technology to power spectacular events and enjoy aggressive profit margins. We do the heavy lifting – you reap the rewards

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Partner with an industry leader.

Tixify is built on proprietary technology, and we have amassed deep understanding of events and festivals. We use this expertise to model the world’s most advanced RFID platform for events that keeps you a step ahead of the competition.

Everything you need to succeed.

Powerful software tools, RFID wristbands, RFID hardware any other related accessories, have peace of mind that everything will be ready to impress on the day of your big event – and our support team will be right there with you if you need them.

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We play nice with your tech stack.

Our API and Zapier integration make it a breeze to integrate Tixify into your existing systems and workflows. Our extensive documentation and engineering support are always available to help you succeed.

Security without compromises.

We use only the highest security and encryption standards to ensure your attendee and financial data is never at risk and stored in compliance with all local regulations.

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Delight your clients by executing incredible cashless events leveraging the world’s most advanced RFID platform.

When you partner with Tixify, you get access to a wide range of customized RFID solutions, powerful API tools and a world-class development team, on-site and remote support.

Localized and customized to fit your brand.

Tixify white-label platform is multi-language, 100% under the hood and invisible to your clients. Every element and physical accessory can be tailored to include your logo, colors and any other elements of your existing branding.

Take the leap into the future, with Tixify.

Join our network of partners and get whitelabel access to our industry-leading RFID technology and on-site solutions for your event management business, ticketing platform or venue.

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Proven revenue increase

Our clients typically see a 20-30% increased spend-per-person. When your client makes more money, you make more money.

Fast time-to-market

Deploy flawless 100% cashless events in weeks, not months with our zero-code approach. Every event created on our platform undergo a rigorous QA process to make sure your setup will perform exactly how you want.

Get in on the ground-floor

The future of events is cashlessqueue-free, and social. Capitalize on the “Fear of missing out” and increase attendee satisfaction.

Unmatched Revenue Opportunities

Empower your clients with ground-breaking RFID event solutions and enjoy the profits. Under our whitelabel partner program, you set your own fees

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