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Learn how the biggest events in the world are using the Tixify Platform for access controlRfid cashless payments, and experiential brand activations to gain unprecedented control, actionable data, and increased revenue.

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Rfid Cashless Payments Transaction

RFID Cashless payments

100% Offline Solution

RFID Cashless Payments are a convenient, secure and fun way for attendees to pay for purchases with a tap of their wrist.  No more fumbling for cash, counting change, or waiting for a slow credit card machine to finish processing. When the lines move faster  you sell more.

Attendees can topup their wristband online before and during the event, or on-site at an attended topup station or at a self-serve kiosk.

  • Shorter lines = more time to buy.
  • Reduce the risk from collecting cash
  • Save on infrastructure costs
  • Facilitate upsell and impulse purchases
Learn about RFID Cashless Payments

Access control

Secure and Lightning-Fast

Turn your barcodes into smart wristbands and eliminate ticket fraud and chaos at the gates. Tixify puts you in control of your admissions, with streamlined access and real-time reporting that allow you to make action the right decisions in time.

  • Sync your tickets in real-time, even when the gates are already open
  • Our tags are impossible to duplicate
  • Track your attendees movement across the venue
  • Give out wristbands with confidence thanks to error-free fulfillment
Learn about Access Control
RFID Access Control
Sponsors using the Tixify RFID Experiential Platform

Experiential Brand Activations

Create a unique event experience

Turn your event into the experience of a lifetime using our Experiential and Brand Activations Platform.

Let your attendees engage with the brands that matter to them and unlock an unexpected revenue stream with high-value sponsorship opportunities.

  • Connect Fans, Vendors, Exhibitors and Sponsors with just a touch of their wristband.
  • Collect explicit consent to contact
  • Gamify the event experience
  • Direct your attendees attention to sponsored booths
Learn about Experiential Brand Activations

The bottom line is:

You will make more money.

Research shows that fans spend more onsite when using cashless payments. But our RFID platform can drive revenue and save you money in other ways as well.

Discover our RFID Platform

Other Benefits

Customer Spending

See up to a 40% increase in overall consumer spending at your event.

Reduce Amount of Suppliers

We source Wristbands, Badges, Readers, and everything you need to run.

Pre-Event Top-ups

Start generating revenue from the day you announce by allowing top-ups in advance. 

Unattended Topups

Our unique self-serve kiosks are convenient and secure and save you money on staffing. 

New Revenue Opportunities

Create exciting high-value sponsorship opportunities with branded activations

Eliminate theft & loss

We solve the constant headache of mismatching reports with cash.

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