After the Covid-19 pandemic, continuing to handle cash from person to person doesn’t feel as comfortable as it did before. In big events this is even worse as it is an unrestricted path for the virus to spread, and it means a significant exposure over-time for everyone; Online purchases took a huge step forward and stores now prioritize contactless payments.

It’s a non-stop fight against the spread of the virus.

ATM withdrawals dropped up to 60% in most countries.

It didn’t take much time for institutions to realize that handling cash destroys the effort of keeping a clean environment and facilitates the spread of the virus. Bills that have been moving around for years at the time are rife with bacteria, and we are actively spreading them from hand to hand and straight into our homes. We all saw in the news how the Bank of China was desperately disinfecting banknotes, or how money was being quarantined.

Innovate to solve

In recent years society has been slowly moving toward Cashless operations. However the process has been drastically sped up due to COVID-19 with more and more people using digital wallets and mobile payment apps as their preferred payment method. Cash is not king anymore.

With the proliferation of digital wallets, organizers have more options to decide from, but is every digital wallet appropriate for events?

The simple answer is no.

Cashless Solutions for Festivals.

RFID Cashless Payments have been available to festivals and other events for several years now, but as we are preparing to enter a post-pandemic normal, they have become more relevant than ever with new suppliers taking advantage of the sudden demand. Now organizers have to decide not only between suppliers, but also between technologies.

From Contactless to RFID Cashless

In this context, when we say contactless, we mean bank cards or mobile payment wallets, and when we say RFID Cashless we mean the payment platforms that have been aimed for the event industry.

The differences between the two technologies are multiple but perhaps the most significant is the level of insights that organizers can get into their event, and that is usually reserved for the banks who are processing the payments.

The information gathered with every purchase is simply too much to let it go to the bank without you gaining any benefit from your own data that has potential to improve your event on future editions, but make sure your supplier is compliant with security standards.

When an RFID Cashless solution is implemented properly, it should dramatically reduce transaction times, since the operators don’t have to count and exchange money, which leads to fewer queues, less contact, and less infection risk.

To summarize, an RFID Cashless Payments platform can help curb the risk and exposure of not only COVID-19 but any other virus, on top of all the added benefits that are not available when using bank cards or mobile digital wallets.

Supercharge your solution

Tixify Cashless solution for festivals enjoys impeccable reputation and success rates, not only for our true and tested approach, but also because of the amount of features it provides, like:

  • Ability to operate offline
  • Customer behavior analytics
  • Customizable rules for payments processing
  • The ability to use the same wallet (Rfid chip) as an Rfid Ticket
  • Personalized fees to recover some costs
  • Reduced network infrastructure at minimum levels
  • Real time Reporting
  • Customizable/Branded wearable form factors (like Rfid Festival Wristbands)
  • and many more…

The Tixify Devices are portable, mobile and accessible, so every operator can get their own, avoiding further exposure by sharing the same hardware with dozens of other people. Here you can take a look at how they work.

If you would like to see how Tixify can help your next event, schedule a demo, our team will be happy to talk to you.

Tixify RFID Event Solutions

Tixify RFID Event Solutions

Tixify is the Ultimate RFID Solution for events. 100% Offline Cashless Payments, Access Control & Experiential Brand Activations for festivals, concerts, exhibitions and more.