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Learn how the biggest events in the world are using the Tixify RFID Platform for access controlRfid cashless payments, and experiential brand activations to gain unprecedented control, actionable data, and increased revenue.

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Cashless Payment Transaction

RFID Cashless payments

100% Offline Solution

When your fans can top-up credit before the event and pay for purchases with a tap of their wrist, the lines move faster and you sell more. No more fumbling for cash, counting change, or waiting for a slow credit card machine to finish processing.

Save on infrastructure costs and reduce the risk that comes from collecting cash.

Learn about RFID Cashless Payments

RFID Access control

Secure and Lightning-Fast

Turn barcodes into smart RFID wristbands and badges and unleash the power of RFID Ticketing.

Eliminate ticket fraud and chaos at the gates. Tixify puts you in control of your admissions, with streamlined access and real-time reporting.

Use our API to sync tickets sold in real-time, even when the gates are already open.

Learn about RFID Access Control
RFID Access Control
Sponsors using the Tixify RFID Experiential Platform

RFID Brand Activations

RFID Experiential Marketing

Turn your vendors into sponsors, engage your attendees and unlock an unexpected revenue stream with unique RFID brand activations

Connect Vendors, Exhibitors and Sponsors with your attendees with just a touch of their RFID Wristband.

Turn your event into the experience of a lifetime using our RFID Experiential and Brand Activations Platform.

Learn about RFID Brand Activations

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