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🎊   Create unforgettable experiences that increase revenue, fandom and brand presence leveraging RFID Cashless Payments.


🤝   Drive event engagement and nurture high-quality attendee connections using our RFID Experiential Capabilities.


🧐   Make better informed decisions in real-time with advanced reporting and event performance dashboards.


🏆  Reduce operational, infrastructure and staffing costs.

You will ❤️powering your events with Tixify.

You will ❤️powering your events with Tixify.

The ultimate RFID event solution.

Trusted around the world by the biggest players

The bottom line is:

You will make more money.

Research shows that fans spend up to 25% more onsite when using RFID wristbands instead of cash. But RFID payments can drive revenue in other ways as well.

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Customer Spending

See up to a 25% increase in overall consumer spending at your event.

Heighten your Fans Experience

Capitalize on the ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ on using a new Technology.

Pre-Event Top-up

Start generating revenue from the day you announce by allowing top-ups in advance.

Reduce Amount of Suppliers

We source RFID Cards, Wristbands, Readers, and Everything you need to run RFID Cashless Payments.

Drive Aditional Revenue

Explore Sponsored Brand Activations

An Always Evolving Platform

We are constantly adding new features.

Ready to take your events to the next level?

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